Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 13 - live each day like its your last! so cook something good =D

Silver Mullet!

Okay, so after work today I went to Michael's again because its "onzway" (on the way haha) to look for thyme and red mullet but guess what? They don't have any whole fish for sale at all! So bogus. So I called my dad and asked him where I can find mullet and he told me "first choice supermarket" (kennedy and 14th)

When I got there, it was like the promise land of whole fish! There was a wide selection but they all smelled really bad. I went over to look for silver mullet and I made sure that the eyes were not cloudy and the body of the fish still has a little bit of shine to it (credits to Jamie Oliver)

The fishmonger cleaned it and de-scaled it.
I took it home, seasoned it with sea salt , black pepper, olive oil, 2 slices of lemon and thyme.
Grilled it for 1 minute on both side.
Placed it on a chopping board, wrapped it with pancetta and topped it off with a anchovy.
Tossed it back in the pre heated oven (425) for 8 minutes.

The result:
Fall off the bone meat! So juicy and so good!!
Take a look at the pictures.

On a side note, I will be going away on Sunday so I won't be cooking BUT on Saturday I am baking and making a salad to make up for it. So double post. Then the following week I am going skating with a friend, parties and a DANIEL OLIVER dinner party. Thats right! Its invite only and I will let you guys know how it goes! I am excited to share this with my good friends and maybe some new ones.
herbs are the best thing in life!


out of the frying pan!

i'm a hungry cat

Peace of mind. =)


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