Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 14

Hello there!

So today I decided to stay home and cook with my cousin. I brought the lobster home from "first choice supermarket" again and I must say, that place is really good for seafood.

Anyways, the biggest problem was killing the lobster. I have never done so before! I have never killed anything before either, except for bugs haha. So I summoned up the confidence to insert the knife into the head and cracked it down. Funny thing was, I actually jumped back a bit because I was a little freaked out. (true story)

Then I cleaned it, seasoned it, steamed it and seasoned it again. The result was fantastic! So good.

Honestly, all the food that I made so far. I never really got a chance to eat it by myself. I always tend to save it for my family members. Maybe just once I will be selfish or not.

Sometimes I feel like I'm cooking for someone that will never come home if that makes any sense. Calvin thought I was crazy.

Calvin and Bruce

He was so good

I look tired but the food was rewarding

we went to wal mart randomly

thanks calvin!

thanks dude
Any who, here are some pictures. =)

p.s. a friend shared this with me


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