Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 3 - happy birthday!

Apparently today is everyone's birthday! Some chinese new year thing. Today we had a mini dinner party at home, my grandma made some pretty nice dishes. There was chicken, choy, tofu and other stuff I forgot. I loved it! Sometimes being Chinese is awesome! And there's still more dinner parties to come.

Anyways aside from that, I have been really busy at work, home and personal stuff but I am excited overall because I don't know where my job will take me but it's really fun and challenging. My co-workers are okay, I fit in so far and there are no office politics. I find myself sitting a lot and designing at a very fast pace environment. I made some new friends of course and they are very nice to me. Some human and some cats. Haha.

Some eye candies. =)


running chicken!

its important to have short term goals =)


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