Friday, July 29, 2011

Oliver's - We meet again stranger.

Hello from Toronto! I just got back from the gym and other errands. What a nice day to update my blog, yes, I know I have been way behind on my updates but here I am. =)

Today a was a special day because I used one of my vacation days to relax at home and have some dim sum with the grandma. Then I encountered with a really old friend that I have not spoke with for over 3 years, she came up to me and started conversation with me so we spoke for a bit and departed.

Anyways the other day, well yesterday to be exact, we had a pot luck at work and I got the chance to bake my signature meringue for my co workers. =) I was very excited because they have all been looking at my pictures on facebook and commenting on them. Finally, they can try the "Daniel Oliver Experience."

Here's how it went down:

6 egg whites
1 cup of sugar
1 orange zest

1 cup 35% cream
1 vanilla bean
60ml powder sugar.

I baked it this time at 300F for one hour and it was a mistake because the meringue was in small blobs. It kinda got burnt, at least the bottom part anyways. Lesson of the day is always look after your meringue.

Next time I would recommend 220F and bake it for one hour. It will come out perfect!
Anyways, enjoy some pictures. =)

charlie and i

I love my cake stand mixer



pre boxing

say no to frozen desserts

all gone!

all gone!

I got lots of good positive feed back from my co workers! They all loved it and I even got a bow from my friend. It feels so good to see people enjoying your food.

if you haven't done so, add me on facebook and follow me there! On top of that I got A LOT of positive feedback on my bakery idea. I think I might go forward with it, you gotta dream big right? Haha


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