Monday, June 25, 2012


It's been way too long since I have been here updating you guys on my latest escapdes. Recently, I have been sick and it's not only effected me but other people has this was well. It's called laziness. Haha, I am quite the comedian when I need to be. Yes, I have been lazy and MIA for a while but I did not forget about this blog. Its been on my mind quite a lot and I find it hard to get back into something once you kinda took a break from. Almost like a every day Monday kinda thing.

Recently, my mother told me that she needs me to bake for her and her church friends once every month. She will pay me in return and on top of that. I get to practice my baking skills. Starting off I baked the chocolate chiffon cake.

Chocolate Chiffon Cake
435 ml cake flour 
250 mlicing sugar 
75ml cocoa powder 
7.5ml baking powder 
1 ml salt 
250ml coffee 
125ml vegetable oil 
5 eggs 
2ml cream of tartar
60ml sugar 

The cake itself turned out looking very nice and appealing but one mistake that I did was, I added all purpose flour and not cake flour. All purpose flour compared to cake flour is actually very different and it needed the cake flour for it to be light and fluffy. The all purpose flour made it a bit tough and did not have that lightness this cake needed. Of course, the old man loved it this way but my mother was not as pleased as I thought she would be. Oh well. =(


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