Friday, November 22, 2013

For the Love of Macarons


Yes, for those of you who don't know. I love macarons, well kinda. I like making them and the process of making them. I was going through this whole phase of trying to perfect them. While my sister was yelling at me from the sidelines (because she said I was wasting resources). In my opinion it was worth every penny that I've spent. I learned not only how to bake macarons properly but the secrets behind them

Some people often think that you need to air dry them for a bit of time before you can pop them in the oven and some even said you can leave them over night so that the skin forms a harder shell. All of which works BUT the old man would bicker at me all the time. He says that there are eggs in the batter and therefore it should not be left out in room temperature incase of any bacteria.

Thus, after pipping them out on my silpat mat, I throw them straight in the oven at 200C to dry them out.  After 15 mins, I would raise the temperature to 350C and bake for another 9 minutes.

The results? Amazing. See below.

London Fog
Vanilla Buttercream

As you can see, there were feet all the time and most importantly consistency. These were just a sample of the macarons that I have baked. Of course, there are more but that will have to wait until I discover another breakthrough.

Now, now I know you missed me and I missed you guys too. I should really get posting on some of the amazing things that I have been doing in my kitchen. Frankly, this isn't even the right time to post this post since you are probably out partying.

Oh well, I just wanted to say hi.

Until next time. =)


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