Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 10 - Snow storm

Had a rough day at work today, non-stop customers coming in. Then last minute my boss wanted me to go to paperland to retrieve a project. When I came back he was like "oh I'm so sorry, I didn't know that there was a snow storm." But anyways this ain't about daniel choi.

After work today I headed over to Michael Angelo's again to buy my spices. Originally I was going to cook some curry but then they didn't have all of the spices or veggies I needed. So mommy always taught us to eat our vegetables, so I decided to make Indian-style broccoli with spiced yogurt.

I noticed that people at Michael's are very nice, when I was checking out. This lady started talking to me and telling me how nice my jacket was and that she wanted one too. I told her "you can have it, since its the season of giving." Fun stuff.

Okay, so I left with cumin seeds, fennel seeds and cardamom pods. These spices are essential! They smell so good and curry like. Haha. The process was quite easy except when I got home, I noticed that I brought wrong yogurt but that's okay.

When I finished it, no one wanted to try it. Except my mom. Shes awesome. =) Now I know how my grandma feels when no one wants to eat when dinner is ready. Not cool.

But good news is, my family really loved the "Eton-mess" and wants me to make more! =)
Here are some eye candies.
Next time I will make curry.

little one at work!

this is my cooking face!

daniel oliver in action

"wa la"

finally my own space!


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