Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 20 - believe

Hello there!
Sorry for the late update but I was so tired last night because I had so much to do! I almost didn't cook but I didn't want to break the cycle.

So yesterday I made Scotch Stovies.
Heres how it went down.

Heat up a pan at medium low
Toss in a lard of butter
Chopped onions
sea salt
olive oil

Cook till golden brown
add in your potato chunks
a pint of water
season again
cook till its mushy
then add chopped celery and choice of veggies.

Serve =)
The smell was unbelievable! It just melts in your mouth and the best part was, it's filled with flavour!

After my homework, he calls me and tells me that I have to prep for the Christmas dinner party. My job was to season the prime rib and lamb leg, which wasn't bad. I would tell you how I seasoned it but it's a family secret. HAHA!

Note to self, never go to a mall during the holidays. It was jam packed! Oh my.

the sea of people

in the making !

finished =D

prime rib

mom doesn't know how to handle the iphone

lamb leg


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