Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 22 - Christmas Day

Hello there!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all a safe and happy holiday!

So I just tried the meringue with my family, they were all really excited about it and even called me not to eat it yet and wait for everyone to come back first. It was kinda of awkward because I was cutting the meringue and it seemed like it was a birthday for someone but it ain't. Anyways, the meringue tasted great. The clemintine zest really stood out on this one and gave a fresh citrus taste to it. The sugar helped of course. It was perfect, crispy on the outside and soft and gooy on the inside.

The cream really had a nice soft texture to it. Adding to the flavour was the natural vanilla seed, which gave it a nice soft ice cream sense to it.

The fruit was meh, it could have been better with fruits that I like but I didn't have much.

Today or tonight, I am going to make another meringue. I have to prep for tomorrow! And plus tomorrow is boxing day too! Can't wait. Hehe.

I made a Christmas wish, I want to share it with you guys but it isn't going to come true if I tell you. =P

Check again later =D


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