Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 3

Okay some thoughts.

Woke up this morning and dreamt that dinosaurs were chasing after me, so not cool. Today there was a lot of snow and traffic was very chaotic.

After work, I drove my butt down to no frills. The roads were so slippery! Even though I had winter tires on.
When I got there, they didnt have sage leaves at all. They had grounded ones. It seems like I cant find any fresh earthy herbs anywhere.

Picking apples was even worst. All the Mac apples were bruised and beat up! I could not believe how bad no frills was. Thi lady beside me was picking apples, then she drops her chosen ones and decided to discard all of them. She placed them back on the pile. I was like "wth?!"

When I got home, it seemed like i rushed everything. I misread the instructions and got a little bit carried away on the seasoning. Jamie didn't tell me how much I needed to add, so I went a little seasoning happy on the pork chops.

During that time when the pork chops were baking, I forgot to add more apples on top and it really made me angry. When they were done, my grandma tried it and so did my mom.

They told me that it was a little salty. I thought back and asked myself what went wrong. I concluded that it was the :

sea salt ( first time using it, didnt know it was that salty)
lack of apples ( Jamie told me to use 2 apples and have 4 slices on top of each pork chop but I only had 3)

Blah, oh well. Tomorrow is another day.
By the way, next week is BAKING WEEK! My friend and I are going to make tea party cupcakes. Shes going to come over of course. Haha.


 old school friends =)


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