Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 7 - focus

Hello there, sorry for the late post but I was really busy yesterday. I almost coudn't do yesterday's dish because the timing was so bad. But anyways everyone has 24 hours so I managed.

Anyways I went to michael angelo's yesterday and it was quite nice, very quiet and very organized. One thing I didn't like was obviously the prices and how rude some of the workers were.

I made a salad yesterday it was called fifteen Christmas salad. Whats in it?

Let's see:
- balls of buffalo mozzarella sprinkled with salt, pepper, lemon zest and accompanied with clementine slices over the mozzarella. (<---widow)

- Then I had dressed arugla, radicchio and mint leaves in lemon oil dressing that I made from scratch.

- I wrapped the lettuces with a speck of prosciutto, placed it on top of the cheese and drizzled it with Parmesan cheese, mint leaves and BALSAMIC vinegar. It was recommended that you eat it right afterwards, so I couldn't resist and just dugged in.

I'm not a big fan of salads but this dish was absolutely delicious! A must try.
Anyways here are some pictures and some other fun stuff that Daniel Oliver does.
P.S. stupid anchovy can cut my middle finger so deeply, its not healing. Wth?! Haha

 Hello theree

 cooked at church too :S
Mom and sister wanted to try it.


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