Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 30 - too school for cool

Wow , yesterday was just crazy and hectic. I was so stressed out to the point where I just wanted to give up. The time I had was so little. My friends were over at like 6:30 and we didn't eat till 7:30 because of the dishes I chose. It required sauces!

The dishes I made:

Warm salad of crispy smoked bacon and new potatoes (day 17)
Making this for 8 people was not easy, I underestimated the portion for the red onions and bacon but a little goes a long way right? My friend doesn't even eat salads at all but she said she loved it! Which gave me great satisfaction.

Pan fried AAA sirloin steak with simple chianti butter sauce and olive oil mash (day 4)
This was even more ridiculous, I can't believe I pulled this one off. I was worried most about this dish! I had 5 steaks and i ended up using only 4. I cooked it just right, medium rare but then in order to keep them hot, I popped it in the oven which was a mistake because it came out well done. The point was just to keep it in there for a while so that it stays hot but good thing the meat was not chewy, it was still okay. Note for next time is cook it after the salad.

The mash potatoes was okay, nothing special but next time I am going to add more butter and cream to make it more smooth.

The Ultimate fruit meringue with vanilla cream, roasted crushed almonds and carmel. (day 21)
This dish is to die for, literally. I love making this and every time I do, I get a big wow factor from my friends. I know it so well like its on the back of my hand. The hardest part is getting the carmel sauce which is hard but my friends loved it! No complaints. 

The Best whole-baked carrots (day 29)
Okay, I had this on the side in case people were hungry. The problem that I had with this dish was, the carrots were too big. I should have baked it longer but time wasn't on my side. Good thing carrots can be eaten raw. It was a little hard but the flavours was still there.

setup for 8




apples to apples

looking at my 2nd bible

my dish washing ladies...much respect for helping me out

Okay, so no that I am done my 30 day challenge, I gave it some thought on what I am going to do next. The answer is, I am going to continue cooking with another book and in order to celebrate good food, I've decided to host dinner parties. I learned the importance of good food and I want people to be inspired by me. Above all, people are happy when they have good company and that makes me happy when they are happy. Double win. =)

credits: Sean Go

credits Sean Go

credits Sean Go


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