Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 31 - Art of Cakes

Potatoes =)

Hello! So tonight was a movie night at my place and I decided to make some snacks for my friends but they were all being girls and didn't want any. One said he didn't want to lose his "abs", another said he doesn't like potatoes and others just full. All a bunch of girly men Haha.

So I made Baked potatoes stuffed with bacon, anchovies and sage. These are to die for. I believe that the bigger the potatoes, the more juicy they become! For these potatoes, I busted out my Apple Corer that I bought from Williams Sonoma. It was so easy to use.

Now that I am done my 30 day goal. My new goal is to cook 5 dinner parties. I did two already and I am looking forward to doing 3 more.

On top of that, I am thinking of registering for a Art of Cakes class with a friend of mine. She asked me if I wanted to, so I said "Why not?!" Haha. The problem is, classes are starting soon and I need to decide tomorrow morning. I will keep you guys posted. I am so excited!


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