Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 33 - live and eat each day like it was your last

Its hard to keep in touch with everyone you know.

Everyone is so busy all the time with their own lives and what not.

But I tell you never abandon an old friend.

You will never find one who can take his/her place.

Friendship is like wine, it gets better as it grows older.

Fifthteen Chocolate Brownie

Finished it last night and allowed it to cool. I got a taste this morning and it was scrumptious. I will let you know how it went down later on the day.

Tonight I will make whatever comes to mind. I will make sure it is good.


  1. you made the brownie... fantastic isn't it? I loved it so much! chocolatey to the max! Top it with vanilla ice cream, fantastic!

  2. ya i did, thanks to your blog for the tips! happy new year to you!