Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 42 - back to the top

So today was my first day at SJB and it was pretty confusing. First, my friend and I got off at the right station but then we didn't know that we had to walk a bit to the campus. So we were asking for directions and people thought we were tourists or something. Clearly we didn't know our way but after stealing some wifi at starbucks, we finally made it to class late.

Our teacher is pretty cool, she works at four seasons hotel as a head chef and she used to go to SJB. Very laid back person and her tools were just amazing.

This is whats stupid, the hidden fees. We have to buy our own tools, like knife, grater etc. But oh well its okay. Kinda expected it. Through the 12 weeks, we are baking a lot of different things ranging from pies, cakes and bread! Which is really cool. I can't wait.

In the class there's a lot of asian girls but no young asian guys like me. So I feel kinda of out of place but that won't stop me from being the top.

My goal is:
Finish this course with high standards
Meet everyone in the classroom
Help out and learn from others
Just overall be friendly and approachable. =)

When she went through the course syllabus, I was quite scared of the amount of work but I know for sure, I will make it! Just wait and see. The fire burning inside of me is my motivation.

Some fun:
My friend noticed this guy who looked korean or japanese and she asked me or dared me to ask if he either of them. So I walked up to him and asked him "excuse me, are you japanese of korean?" He was like "neither" LOL

Turns out he is cantonese with awesome style.


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