Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 43 - I am not a has-been. I am a will be

Today was so cold! Shopping at no frills with a bunch of friends was not a good idea. It was so packed because of this one dollar deal going on. So not cool but you know what I noticed? I stopped eating junk food, seriously. After cooking for so long, I felt that whenever I need to snack on something, I would just make something healthy instead of eating chips or candy.

Anyways today I finished the Ultimate fruit meringue for my uncle's friend; Charles. What I learned this time was how to perfect the CARAMEL sauce!

Turns out this is how you do it:
one cup of sugar
one cup of water
bring to a boil
and slower let it simmer and let it thick a bit in low heat of course.
before you pour it on the cake, let it cool a bit first so that it thickens.
then go crazy =)

I felt so satisfying mastering this technique. Now I don't always have to guess or fluke it. It takes time you know. Haha.

When my uncle saw the cake, he was so happy and he showed it off to his friends when they arrived. Charles was so happy and he asked me when did I start cooking/baking and that if I would get into it seriously. I told him it was just a hobby and was just for fun. Charles was happy, my uncle was happy therefore it made me really happy and it felt great! It felt like I made my uncle proud.

Welp, I delivered like I said I would. Enjoy these pictures my friends. =)
my fav!!!

the caramel sauce! i should have cooked it longer but its okay

he was bending far backwards but I took the picture a little late 

another look!


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