Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 57 - "being a nice guy doesnt work, being an asshole does." haha

Hi guys!

As you all know, Chinese New Year is coming up and I have been really busy shopping and preparing for it. So, having that said, I haven't been cooking yet but I will pick it back up for sure.

What I have been doing is celebrating! I have been going out for dinner a lot in celebration for my new career. Sometimes I love being Chinese, you get a new start! Twice! Haha.

So I got some new clothes, new arrangements, new look and new everything! Haha. Exciting. For now, here are some pictures. Enjoy! =)

busy supermarket!

so crowded


okay, don't ever go here. the service was so horrible and the waitress was just so rude. (pickle barrel markville)

my good friend derry

mak: alright guys, serious picture (no one smiles cept him) "WTH?!" (my best friends =) )


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