Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 0 - "to think your some where in this world..."

Oh the title? It's from boyce avenue - only girl in the world. So good, gets me alll the time.

Hi Guys!

I know, I know, I haven't been updating at all and you guys are probably mad at me and never going to come here again. But this weekend I have been active! Let's start with Friday.

Friday class was special this week, we didn't take any thing home at all. Instead we learned how to do "masking" which is covering the sponge cake with a layer of butter cream. The tool that we used was an offset spatula and pipping tips. Personally, I found this kinda of boring, maybe I am not a cake decorating person or maybe I was just tired, oh well. During this process we learned many different types of piping techniques and it was good because you can't learn it from a book.

Below are some pictures of my piping skills. Haha. I don't have any.

my lovely grandma, thank you for everything so far =) love you

royal icing


teaching us how to mask

butter cream

the best I could do =\

Today we had a Chinese New Year party at church. What we had to do was to bring in different groceries so that we can put it all together in a rice cooker. Everyone was in charge of bringing something but Gabriel made me in charge of making dessert!

The first question that popped up in my head was. How many people am I cooking for?
The answer to that question was 20+! I was quite shocked and on Friday night, I was pretty stressed but I pulled it off! =)

Friday night, I baked vanilla cheesecake till 2:30am! this time what I did differently from the previous time was, you need to grease the pan inside and out. Plus the wax paper too! And instead of using the electric mixer to mix the butter and digestive biscuits together, you would use just a spoon. By doing so, you will have a much more solid and thick crust.

Things to remember:
250grams x 4 = 2 pounds
When you are baking, place a sheet of foil on top of your cake so that it doesn't burn.
After you are done, let it cook but DO NOT cover it. ( it did it last night and I think it cooked a bit more. so it cracked a bit )

That is all for the cheesecake.

After ball today, I spent 2 hours making the meringue. Some things to keep in mind is try to make more cream then you really have to. I find that using white eggs actually makes the meringue more white. Other than that, everything was pretty good. I finally got the caramel sugar right. The key is, don't be afraid and just fire it up! When you see the liquid start to yellow, turn it down right away and place cold water under the pan. Let it cool a bit and then drizzle on top of your meringue!

Tomorrow is another dinner party. I am so tired but what keeps me going are my friends. They are so supportive and when they are happy, I feel a sense of satisfaction inside me. Even though I don't get to try the stuff I want, I really just want honest feedback.

Keep going Daniel Oliver. =)


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