Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 0 - good food brings people together

Ball now, update later. =)

Hi Hi!

Today I had my fourth dinner party with some of my good friends and it went pretty well. Ivan, my manager at wendys' came and I haven't seen him in the longest time! It was nice catching up with him and cooking him food.

Lam, my long time high school and OCAD friend showed up as well. Him and I go way back even though at time we hated each other, we see our friendship as a whole and it was awesome seeing him. He enjoyed my food a lot as you can tell from the pictures, especially the meringue. Haha

Janice, my God sister. She knows me very well and I was very happy to see her go at my dessert like it was the main course. She loved it! And wanted to take some home. She makes me smile with her laugh. Haha.

Check out my pictures for the three course meal. They took some pictures too and I will update this blog with their pictures as soon as possible. Nothing I haven't done. =)

I love food. =)


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