Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 14 - you fancy huh?

Finally I wasn't the one cooking. Today I ate a special home cooked Chinese meal.

Here's what I had:
salt baked chicken wings
egg with shrimp
choy and mushrooms
potato and tomato soup

It sounds much more fancier in Chinese rather than English. =P
The overall taste and presentation was exactly like the ones from a Chinese restaurant and believe me, it tasted just as good as one but of course, without the M.S.G.

I was pretty impressed and satisfied with the food, then again when I do ever complain about food? Haha. Good food and good company, it's the best combination in the world!

I would say the difference between french and chinese cooking would be the taste. I find that chinese food uses a lot of soy sauce and salt and a lot of work with the wok too!

As for french cooking, they use the oven a lot to bake their food. Sometimes it seems like it's way to formal and it just kills the dinner conversations, since everyone is so worried about table manners. But I like it, it's fun and rewarding!

Eye candies.
iphone camera sucks =(

so tight!!!!!


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