Monday, March 7, 2011

Back To December

This weekend passed by so fast, it was probably because I was having so much fun doing things I wanted to do and spending it with close friends. I guess when you start to wake up early enough in a day, you would start to think that you get more out of it which is entirely true.

On Friday, I had baking class and we baked cream puffs! It was pretty fun, even tho I was really tired and passed out on the train countless times. Saturday, woke up early, balled and then spent the rest of the evening/night with friends; so magical. Then it snowed all of a sudden, felt like it was December. Haha. Sunday was kind of my lazy day but I baked some really nice desserts from this new book that I got. It took me a while to figure out some stuff but the rest was pretty straight forward. =)

I noticed that having to buy food and cook at home really saves me a lot of people. (duh) As I continue to update my spreadsheet, I find that food is still the most popular item that pops up but it's getting less and less. Saving is my new goal. =P

Eye candies

ken che's bday party!
somethings don't change
saturday night, snowed so hard all of a sudden
quinoa chocolate cheesecake brownies


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