Friday, March 11, 2011

Cook, anywhere, anytime

Hello, hello!

Tonight was a very relaxed night at Lena's place, my cousins girlfriend. It all started around 5ish where we went shopping for food at nofrills and loblaws. It was almost impossible to find Risotto but we finally found it at Loblaws, there was only one box left! So stupid, oh well.

Apparently, Lena is using the same book I used for my thirty days of cooking! She made mushroom risotto yesterady and it was so amazing! I loved it every bit of it. So she ws in charge of the entree and that leaves me to the starter. I made my favrouite "strawberry salad with speck." We couldn't find the cheese we were looking for, so we skipped it and just had the spring salad mix with strawberries. So awesome. =)

Below are some pictures of our dinner =)

mushroom risotto
strawberry salad with speck
cousin ronald
he loved it haha


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