Sunday, March 13, 2011

I will never settle for less.

Wow what a weekend! I have never been so tired before but it felt so good!

Friday's class we made butter cookies, not my favourite but oh well, it's good to know. I felt so off for the whole week, maybe it's because I was so tired. Blah. But I had a lot of fun making cookies, I worked on my piping and decorating skills. What I liked about it was, it's such an easy recipe to follow. It was very straight forward and there was an endless amount of possibly in terms of decorating it. When we were done, we dropped them in a bag and wrapped it with gold ribbon.

Saturday was just as great, ball, gym and movie. Who am I to complain? Haha.

Some sad news though, Japan just experienced a very bad earth quake and it got me thinking in terms of living each day like it was your last. You will never know when it will be, all you can do is not take anything for granted. If today was my last day, I would make sure to let my friends and family know that I love each and every one of them. =)

Eye candies

jen and julie
they look bored haha
butter, bread flour and sugar
mixed in a paddle
pipping skills!

heart shaped!
she had really nice wrapping skills!
cookies in a box!
that is so messed up haha


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