Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Best thing thats ever been mine!

Exciting news ladies and gentlemen, yesterday we brought home our Kitchen Aid Stand mixer professional 550 HD! We were so excited having her home for the first time. My parents and I have been eyeing this nice piece of equipment for the longest time. It all started with him of course, entertaining the idea of having an industrial like mixer in the household. Tsk tsk tsk. So as you can tell, it's not exactly mine since my parents bought it.

On the night we took it him, he was so excited to try it out right away, so we whipped up a nice egg sponge cake and let me tell you, the mixer was God like. It whipped so nice and evenly just like the one I have in school. I can't wait till I get my hands on it this week, maybe I will post a video!

Catch you in a bit, here are some iPhone pictures. (Yes, I still own this piece of junk. Can't get rid of it since I am saving up a lot moola)


you're so pretty



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