Monday, March 21, 2011

Luck is opportunity meets preparation

This is a long post of pictures and days where I have not been able to post but here it is. So Friday we made black forest cake which was pretty interesting and tiring since we stayed until 1030pm cleaning up. The reason why it took so long was because our oven was not working properly! So we needed to wait till the cakes were baked then we needed to mask and decorate the cakes, which took forever! Cleaning up was worst but that's alright. I was late for my cousin's birthday party but I made it up by bringing a cake for him! He was so happy and my relatives loved it too! =)

Okay here is what you need to make this cake:
470 g sugar
160 g shortening
5 g salt
320 ml water
5 g vanilla
320 g Pastry flour
90 g Cocoa powder
40 g whole milk powder
10 g baking powder
5 g baking soda
5 whole eggs

then on the side you need
1000 g cherry pie filling
1 liter 35% cream
500 ml whip topping
300 g chocolate shavings

Starting off:
- add shortening, sugar, cream and set on speed of 3
- then add the dry ingredients on low speed
- add water
- add eggs
- set on baking cake pans and bake

shortening,sugar, cream

dry ingredients

making the chocolate pieces

some friends having fun

chocolate shavings

cake off

35% cream, whip topping

sugar water to soak the cake

three tiers!

so cocky haha

my black forest =)



with grandma!

Dinner at my favourite shanghai place! There is this place at first Markham place with really nice shanghai dim sum stuff! I went there and the quality was still the same. Good food never gets old. I had to order the shanghai dumplings and the thick shanghai noodles. Yum

my fav shanghai place at FMP

This weekend I finally got a chance to use the new kitchen aid toy that we bought and I made a video on how to make meringue! I didn't upload it on youtube yet but I will and I will post the link here! =)

fruit meringue with my new baby


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