Friday, March 25, 2011

Cook Your Way to the Good Life

It's been a long short week but we made it! Does that even make sense? Haha who cares. Yesterday I summoned up the courage to bake some cookies since I suck at baking cookies, I'd figure I could use some practice. I made quinoa chewy chocolate chip cookies and they turned out great. Note to self, never use wax paper to bake cookies unless you want smoke to come out of your oven.

Off the top of my head I think the ingredients went something like this:

quinoa flour
all purpose flour
baking soda

white sugar
brown sugar

2 large eggs
vanilla extract

semi-sweet chocolate chips

I think afterwards you are suppose to roll the dough with a rolling pin so that you can use cookie cutters but I didn't and I just shaped the cookie dough with my hands. Anyways, it turned out awesome, my co-workers loved it. I should have brought more but oh well, next time.

having a stand mixer is just so awesome

stiring in the flour

cookie dough!

straight from quinoa!

which one is better? this one?

or this one? haha


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