Sunday, March 27, 2011

Never gave in, never gave up

What a tough but fun weekend. Friday was just long, Saturday was packed with outings and Sunday was just being Sunday.

I brought the Quinoa cookies to work and they loved it. The quinoa was a little bit weird but the semi-sweet chocolate chips made up for it. It was nice and chewy with a generous amount of melted chocolate chips in it. Pure goodness. =)

The second half of Friday we made swiss rolls in class. The rolls itself was easy to make but the bad part about it was the cream. I don't like desserts that have too much cream! Blah. I brought home two different flavours, strawberry and aprocot.(sp?)

cookies and chocolate chip bread

haha jen and julie =)

this is what we call the ribbon stage

cake batter

dough for next week!

topped off with toasted almonds

dim sum in the morning

dim sum in the afternoon....same day -_-

i failed for the first time, explain later...
Oh my, these brownies didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. I think it was because I added too much butter and that resulted in a oily base. Next time, I will know not to add as much and have more patience when baking brownies. I can't beleive I failed but life time of learning. =)
happy bday my friend!


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