Sunday, April 24, 2011

A day of memories

This post was on the 23rd.

Hello, hello! Long time no see or talk! I have been working hard and stressing over work so not cool. But anyways on the 23rd I had a dinner party with some of my good friends. As you can see we had some great food and some good times.

dinner with my cell group =)

stuffed potatoes

symphony =)

glossy white, that is what you are looking for.


such a beast =)

Here's what we had:

Salad: Apple and Pecorino Salad (kitchen, best of the best)
What's in it:

2 teaspoons honey
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 pink lady apples cored and sliced(yes they do exist, only at Michael Angelo's)
2 belgian endive leaves rinsed
100 g arugula, stalks removed
85 g shaved Pecorino Cheese

The taste was great but I can never get use to the bitterness of the Arugula leaves. The salad dressing oil was simple but in yet packed with flavour. It is a must try and daniel oliver recommended. =) Even my friend who doesn't eat fruits or veggies loved it. Ask me for the instructions.

apple and pecorino salad

Main: Stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in sage and prosciutto
What's in it:

Okay the picture doesn't do justice because it was a bad shot but how it tastes was a different story.

4 large chicken breasts
8 sage leaves
5 tbsp ricotta
sea salt and black pepper
8 prosciutto slices
4 tsp olive oil
handful of thyme sprigs

Prepping this actually takes around 2 hours but I cheated a bit and didn't freeze it for that long. I bet if I did, the chicken would feel more firm and packed. But what was most interesting about this was the intense herb flavours. I love pulling out chicken from the oven and smelling fresh thyme. I find that using prosciutto slices instead of bacon actually lightens this dish up. Bacon is just too much.

Stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in sage and prosciutto


The meringue balls. Yes, I know, I know meringue is so boring but you know what?! It's a favourite, and I feel complete ending the meal with a nice natural vanilla whipped cream and fruits. Instead of making a giant cake with lots of egg whites. I used only 3 egg whites and it made 4 very large blobs of meringue. I topped it off with cream and fruits.

cheers to friends

I had the weirdest dream last night, I can't seem to pin point what caused me to think that way. But it's only just a dream. Have you guys ever had a dream come true? Not the cheesy line but an actual one. Haha. We will see. Keep you guys posted. =)


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