Friday, April 22, 2011

busy busy busy

Proverbs 12:1

Love hurts, especially when it comes to discipline. Out of his love for you God lets pain come into your life so that you can grow and learn. It's called discipline, and it is done not out of anger or rage but in love and kindness. It's designed to correct you so that you won't fall into disaster again. Discipline is the teacher of the righteous; it teaches you where you have gone astray and remind you how to get back on track. When you only want what's best for your life and your faith, then you won't hate discipline, but you'll look at it as a chance for improvement.

Corrections is like the holy reset button. IT lets you stop and see where you're off track and how to get back on track. The longer you fear or hate correction, the longer you'll be trapped in turmoil of your sin. When you're ready for wisdom and a peace that goes beyond anything you can imagine (see Phil 4:7), accept correction as a wise disciple, and don't run from it like a dumb animal.


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