Saturday, April 2, 2011

Let me show you what you're missing...paradise

Friday I made Fruit Flans! Not my favourite but it was a good experience overall. We pre-made the dough for the tart last week and all we had to do was roll it with a rolling pin and blind bake it. Pretty straight forward.

The vanilla pudding was interesting, I never realized that it was that easy to make. Here's what you need:

875 ml Milk
100 g sugar
100 g corn starch
125 ml milk
150 g (3) eggs

The ingredients listed above is listed for two portions, so it was for FOUR fruit flans. Oh and you need a sponge cake recipe too which I believe I have some where in this blog. Look at the black forest section. =)

The fruit flan tasted like fruit tarts but in a pie / cake format. The tart base was kinda of hard maybe it was because I didn't roll it thin enough, the pudding and sponge cake was just perfect. It was a dream combo, soft creamy and not overly sweet. A must try. 

beef noodle house =)

Michael Smith's Grilled Cheese

After a nice workout day on Thursday, I got around to make Michael Smith's grilled cheese. This recipe was from his "Chef at home" cook book. It was easy but tasteful.

What you need:

4 slices of aged cheese
4 slices of bread
butter on all slices

Grill on a sauce pan in medium heat so that you don't burn the bread before the cheese melts.

Results, heavenly! The cheese just melts in your mouth and the taste was so rewarding. I can you tell that I will be revisiting this recipe again/

45th anniversary at work =)

New designs?!


vanilla pudding



rolled and ready

sugar syrup for the sponge cake and fresh fruits

blind baked for 20 minutes

mimi & mia dream team

Introducing MIMI & MIA, my two favourite chefs. I never introduced them to you guys did I? Haha. They are so easy going and one of them keeps talking chinese to me but that's okay, I am chinese and I will never neglect my mother tongue. Next week is our last class together but I have a feeling that our friendship will not stop there. =)

sugar syrup

add vanilla pudding

top it off with fruits =)

flan 1

flan 2

eric and i

he told me to do that haha


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