Friday, June 24, 2011

Pressure is good for you

Yes, it is true. I dislocated my pinky finger. Let me give you a mental image on how bad it was. Basically, it was pointing at the other direction. =/ Oh well, my friend popped it back in and we got on with our lives.

I came to a conclusion that I was just making excuses for myself not to cook or do other things because of my finger but in reality, it just take's a little longer. Enough slacking off, here is the latest creation.

It's from the "kitchen, best of the best." One of my faovurite cook books out there, simply because it is well designed and very clean. I love a book where design is one of the top priorities.

Pan Bagna
1 baguette
olive oil
garlic clove
roast red peppers
black olives
small red onion
basil leaves
artichoke hearts

This time, I used a different type of bread; french stone baked bread. Eating it byself is great but when you make it into a sandwich, the crust absorbs the juices from the flavours and it gets a bit soggy. So I wouldn't recommend this type of bread for this type of sandwich. Make sure you choose a baguette with a solid hard crust.

What I did differently this time was, I add avocado and red chili peppers to replace the basil leaves and parsley. The taste was glorious except for the bread. I was very disappointed in the bread. If you are a fan of sandwiches, this is the type of summer sandwich you should try and make.

I brought this to the pot luck we had today at work and it got some attention, I only had two left small pieces left and I got positive feedback from it.

cut it in half and brush olive oil on it



the rest of the pot luck

the bday girl!


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