Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oiver Weekends

Hello friends!

Gosh it has been such a long time. I think I got use to starting off my blog post with "gosh its been such a long time or sorry I haven't been posting for a while" kinda thing. It's getting old.

Anyways, recently I have been helping the lady in red move into her new fancy condo, such a baller, I know. But I did get a chance to bake some stuff. I will post again soon.

Looking back at these images, they were during moon cake festival! Very nice, had lots of food and fruits!

Later on the same week, Tiffany's dad asked me to bake her meringue cake for her birthday. Of course, I got compensated for my hard work and ingredients. The only thing I did differently for this meringue was adding 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. I noticed that my oven may be letting a bit of the hot air out, so next time I will bake it a little longer since it was still a bit soft on the inside.

Catch me later. =) 

lobster, my fav


cocoa powder meringue

grandma helping

sugar caramel iciing

Oh and my closet collasped

messy room

then a car accident that blocked the entrance to the 404


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