Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why do I keep you alive?

I have been so lazy, I probably lost all my viewers. Well, I am back with some great news! I have been baking a lot of goodies and I think I cooked something but I forgot what it was. Anyways, this past weekend a friend of mine invited me over to her new place for dinner. She made lobster, pasta and salad. I promised her I would bring something that has chocolate in it, so, I baked strawberry chocolate cake with almond cream cheese meringue. Long name eh.

It was pretty challenging in a way that, I needed the cake to be nice and soft but not too soft where it is under baked. The baking cake pan that I used was very bad, it leaked! I should have used my wilton. =\

My sister's convocation is coming up this Monday and she asked me to bake her the Japanese cheesecake. So I swear I will follow up with that as soon as possible. =) Keep checking!


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