Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Laughing at the face of November

Ah good old November, we meet again. Novemeber is a month of remembering and it's also a month of celebration. Remember where you were last year compared to this year is amazing. I think it was snowing already or at least really, really cold.

Anyways, I baked a cake for a buddy of mine; Tony. He has been my friend ever since elementary school and was always there for me whenever I had any problems. (Haha some serious bromance going on here) So it comes to no surprise that when his birthday came around, I baked his favourite cheesecake for him. He was very happy and pleased with the result and so was everyone else. I remember getting home that night at around 130am and racing to metro to get cream cheese, I was so tired. =(

If you would like details on how I baked the cake, look for the "blooming vanilla cheesecake" in this blog. =)

See you!

cracked a bit but thats okay!

happy birthday buddy!


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