Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shakin off the rust

Hello friends, its been way too long and short. Wait, what does that even mean? Anyways, I've been involved in a little accident that claimed my beautiful wife; symphony. She's a total lost but that's okay, as long as I am fine and still able to bake right? Haha.

To shake off some rust, I picke dup a copy of Anna Olson's new book Back to Baking. It's a simple to follow book packed with exciting new receipes. The book talks about building a basic receipe and modding it with different flavours. Kinda like a stock car add new parts to it.

Basic cookie dough
125ml unsalted butter
125ml brown sugar
60ml sugar
1 egg
5ml vanilla extract
310ml all purpose flour
30ml cornstarch
2ml baking soda
2ml salt

Chocolate chip Cookies
250ml chocolate chips

Such a simple classic cookie can be so diffcult in terms of getting the right shape. A tip from Anna's book told me that what determines the shape is how you place it on the baking sheet. I guess mine was a litte chunky and big. Oh well, I will keep that in mind for the next batch. Still tastes like the real deal though. ;)



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