Monday, January 2, 2012

The beginning of the end?

Happy new year my friends! I know I haven't followed up on my pictures but I have been posting! I baked all the goods here for a new year's eve party for my friend.

I baked my signature fruit meringue (jamie oliver), brownies (anna olson) and chocolate meltaways (anna olson). You can refer to my old postings regarding the ingredients and procedures. I got a lot of feedback regarding the brownies on how sweet they are but I really like it like that and I think they are fine. Maybe 2 cups of sugar is really a bit too much. The cookies were a bit odd, I did everything the book told me to and the "soft dough" didn't come together until I added 3 egg yolks. Maybe I didn't have enough butter? I will explore this again.

I need you guys to do me a favor and encourage me to bake more, I feel that I some how lost that passion a bit to bake and instead, it just seems like a bit like a chore to me. I use to bake everyday or at lease cook and actually enjoy it. I need to look for that passion again.

Sometimes I just don't get it, its always a surprise and it hits me in the weirdest way. Well either way, I will not be shaken and I will always believe like I always have. I will cook/bake my way to the good life if I have to. =)

Cheers my friends! =) =) =)


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