Monday, January 9, 2012

Never again

Blah had such a bad night yesterday so I decided to take it out on baking. Long story short, my church basketball team and I lost to a team that we beat before. We lost by a lot and everyone was very bitter including myself.

I wanted to try this a long time ago but didn't have the time to (or maybe I am just too lazy). Here it goes.

all purpose flour
unsalted butter

lemon layer
half cream cheese room temp
all purpose flour
lemon zest
baking powder
lemon juice

I got out my cake stand mixer to prepare for the big project but then it only needed a food processor. If you refer to the pictures below, my processor is as small as a lunch box. Near the end I decided to transfer over to the big mixer to blend the rest of the eggs.

I tasted it a bit this morning and the filling was bang on, it was just like Anna's but just a little thinner. My suggestion is to actually use a 8x8 inch baking pan, I kinda cheated and used a 9 x 13. I am definately too cheap. Haha.

I will upload more pictures in a bit!

I need to find that fire in me again...its burning but turning blue.


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