Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to train a dragon

Hello Friends!

This weekend has been such a relaxed one. My cousin Eric is on his summer vacation and decided to come hang out at my place for 2 days. We took advantage of this time and played on the Playstation and of course, did some baking. He is so eager to learn, it's inspiring. So, I took him in as my apprentice haha. His goal is to learn how to bake and cook. What a good kid. =) Sometimes I wish I can make a phone call to the future, if that makes any sense or maybe a phone call to the past? Haha. Excuse me, I am a bit drugged up from the antibiotics my doctor gave me this morning.

Anyways, we got the chance to tackle France by making some Crepes.

Updates on the ingredients in a bit. =)


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