Sunday, August 26, 2012

Daddy's Home

Hello All!

It has been such a wonderful week and it just keeps getting better. I got some good news! But I can't share it with you yet, I need to start doing some work first. Anyways, getting back on topic. I cook dinner for a few friends of mine from church on Saturday. It was so last minute and was too close to my birthday, I felt very drainned and didn't want to even lift a fork up but I some how summoned up the motivation to cook up a storm. First was the Apple cheddar soup.

The soup itself consist of granny smith apples and to be honest, I was scared that it would be way too sour for my guests' liking. But after adding the half and half, flour and cheddar cheese, the balance was just perfect and very enjoyable.

The jerk chicken was just not on point for me, it lacked the spicy flavouring that I was hunting for. It was okay but just wasn't WOW kinda dish. I paired it with Jamie's mash potatoes followed by a fresh spring mixed salad. Hopefully that saved the day a bit.

The dessert was the real winner here in my opinion. Whenever my friends see this dessert set on the table, first reaction is always "Wow, whats that?! Are you sure we can finish this?" And to my experience, we always finish it. It's never really a problem with any dessert I make honestly, except for that one time when I made a cheesecake and it tasted "salty." Oh well, I will update the ingredients in a bit.

Cheers Mate!

Apple Cheddar Soup

Jerk Merinated Roast Chicken

Ultimate Fruit Meringue

My number one fan =)


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