Sunday, September 16, 2012

Always believe.


What a weekend, it was insane. Been feeling a little blue lately but I finally got a chance to redeem myself in the macaron field, ever since I failed the last time and over baked them. Everyone had the image of my failed macarons embedded in their minds. This time, I came back fighting for the right ones. The macarons were simple, I baked them at 320F and for only 8-9 minutes until they were solid.

A good tip is to bake them one tray at a time, so even if the first tray fails, you still have a second chance for the other tray.

Blue Macarons with coffee filling:
2 large egg whites
50g ground almond 
115g icing sugar 
 blue food colouring

2 tsp coffee
50g cream cheese
115g icing sugar
75g butter

I will fight this thing and I will come back stronger. For sure! =) =) =)


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