Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Blessing in Disguise

Hello All!

Such a blessing to have good food and good company. This post is dedicated for comfort foods! Just like how there are power foods that gets you through the day, there are always comfort foods that I never really touched base on. Welp based on what was offered to me and what I bought, I found some really good ones. Let me share with you.

If you have a menchies store near you, its a must try. I had a fruitty sherbet and it was amazing, I loved it. So comforting along with sour keys, sour gummies and lychee bubbles. Its a nice yogurt dessert that you can just sit back and enjoy and forget about everything else.

Marble Slab
I had this the same day I had menchies. To be honest, it isn't as great as menchies but ice cream is ice cream! I had apple spice with gummy bears. It was really interesting on how they served it, I enjoyed looking at them prep it rather than eating it. They basically put it on a cold marble counter top, split the ice cream and add the gummy bears in the middle. Then he mixes it up and serves it still ice cold. Maybe the gummy bears didn't add any flavouring but it did add a smile to my face. Haha.

Every flavour you ever wanted or ever imagine, I baked it before and on top of that my sister baked some too. But to be honest, theres too much icing sugar added. Its a bit sweet but thats what comfort food really is!

Lobster Dinner
My favourite of them all, lobster! The old man made a lobster dinner, stir fried with eggplants and a bit of spice. It was good, just like the ones in the restaurants but better. I know I rarely talk or post about how to make my old man's food but he is quite talented and I want to keep a record of it some where. So here it is.

Heres what you need:
2 lobsters chopped up roughly (deep fried)
eggplants chopped up roughly (deep fried)
green onion
chinese hoi sin sauce
cooking wine 

Message me for the steps. ;)

More to come! =)


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