Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Locked Door


Welcome to comfort foods part 2. I usually blog about my old food but this time again, I want to blog about my old man's food. He called me up after work and asked me if I was coming home, he told me that he had a surprise for me. While driving home, I was thinking about all the possible surprises he could come up with. When I showed up he made a mouth watering pull pork sandwich. It was so good that I have to blog about it!

Also, after all this talk about how to golf and how to hit the ball properly, I some how tied it to cooking and life weird eh but it just works. Anyways, food first then I'll shed some light on the golf.

Camera is not good but heres a shot of it
Pull Pork:
1 ml Paprika
30 ml brown sugar
30 ml sugar 
30 ml salt
30 ml cumin
30 ml chili powder
15 ml cayenne
15 ml ground white pepper

1 pork shoulder on the bone (6 lbs trimmed)

1. Rub the ingredients all over the pork
2. Place pork in slow pressure cooker for a good 3 hours or more until tender
3. Use fork and pull meat away from the bone and set aside 
4. Toast white buns and place meat on top. Top it off with BBQ sauce of choice.

When you first sink your teeth into it, its very warm and full of flavouring. I want to try this myself when I get the chance to and of course, I want to top the old man too.

The old man taught me so well and I am so happy.

For the golf part, as the old man was explaining things to me, I tend to zone out at times but every aspect of your body needs to connect in order for you to hit the ball. You need to have your "eye on the prize" and look for the direction that you are aiming for. It's almost like cooking, all the ingredients need to kick in at the right time so that the meat can taste right. If you add a little too much of something, it throws out the whole entire outcome. Practice makes perfect. Same with life, eye on the prize, look at where you are aiming towards, use your best technique and take your shot. In a way its opportunity meets preparation.

But then again, the unconscious mind does most of the work. Some things can't be explained.

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Roast duck is my favourite 


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