Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Child & Toy


I have been so tired lately, too many outings and festivities. Finally I on Tuesday, things started to slow down a bit so that I can blog about the awesome foods the old man makes. I decided not long ago to document his work because he's like an inspiration to me and in many ways we are the same.

We had a lot of entrees that included, steamed lobster with vermicilli, slow cooked beef brisket with sautee red onions, cheese, beef sauce and garlic bread, chinese duck, spring mix salad with roast chicken and curry chicken. I am slowly starting to figure out or learn how to make these dishes and don't be surprised if I started cooking chinese food. Haha.

Here is some exciting and good news. I finally got my letter for the baking and sweet show coming Saturday. Yay! I can't wait till I meet my competitors and of course the environment is going to be insane!!

Anyways, sorry but thats all for now. I am a bit tired. =( 


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