Saturday, September 29, 2012

Baking Makes Friends! =D

This was it!

On Saturday I went to the Baking and Sweet show! I was in the top 3 finalist for the pumpkin cheesecake catagory. Sadly, I lost but it was a good overall experience. I loved it, the atmosphere, the pressure and of course the crowd. My sister and grandma came to support me and I got lots of love from friends too! Some even showed up, which was very nice of them. I felt so bad that I didn't go home with good news for my mom but I will try again next year and for sure, I will come back stronger and better. =)

The next day, we had a book lunch down at type books in downtown Toronto. The book is called What's for Lunch by Andrea Curtis. She is such an inspirational person that is full of passion. I am still a bit surprised that she rememebers me haha. She is pretty nice and cheerful, I had to take a picture with her and the design too of course. =)

Next up, chocolate chip cookies with Baileys. =D

Andrea Curtis and I. What's for Lunch?


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