Friday, October 26, 2012

Good food, good company


Chinese families love one thing, and that is good company. It was my uncles birthday and we had a big celebration for him, therefore my old man had to do all the cook with some of my help too of course. Now I don't remember all the names he told me but the one above is potato skin with cheese, bacon and sour cream. It was a very simple appetizer but with a big impact. Everyone loved it, especially my grandma.(Who is most important, haha!)

Now this appetizer is a mystery to me, I totally forgot the name of this but I will tell you whats in it. Its basically a spinch dip wrapped with a pastry sheet. Baked for X amount of time. Sorry, I got to stay on top of my foods and names. =(

Next we got mini pulled pork sliders. These were to die for! I love how small it was, it was just the perfect sandwich for a cold winter day or in this case, fall. The pork was pressured cooked until tender, topped with bbq sauce and pickle! So easy and so enticing. Couldn't have just one.

This was one of the newest dish that I have never seen before. Apparently, its like a seafood mixed rice? Let me explain, there were three layers. The bottom layer was rice, second layer was veggies? And the top layer was mussels with cheese. Again something that I have to double check since I only had a little and this was such a new and refreshing dish.

Next you can see the whole fam jam pigging out and if you look closely, you can see my sister in her natural habitat. Eating with and talking with her mouth full. HAHA! Don't tell on me. Enjoy the rest and come back for more! =)


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