Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 27 - Finish strong! =)

Hello hello!

Late post again! I am so sorry but these days I have been really busy with work, outings and other stuff.

Okay so last night I made roasted chicken breast wrapped on bacon with leeks and thyme. You might ask what leeks are, allow me to explain. They look like chinese onions but the scent is way better. The taste is okay, nothing special but the baked smell was very mesmerizing.

Here's how you make it.

Cut your leeks into 1/4 inches
Lay them on the chicken breast
sea salt
a few sprigs of thyme
olive oil
wrap the chicken with bacon
season accordingly

pop it in a pre-heated oven at 400 for 40 mins or 35 if you like your chicken a little bit rare.

The smell was it was done was crazy, my uncle came from the basement and said "Wa gum hern geh?" which means "wow it smells good" in english. Haha.

The taste was very juicy and tender. The meat was very soft and the bacon gave the chicken even more flavour. Awesome.

expensive tomatoes

pre oven


There are some questions that people always ask me and I think I need to clarify.

FAQ 1:
Why are you always cooking? Are you depressed or something?

No, no and no. I love food! I am not depressed and I've always cooked before just not as intense as this time. First of all "he" always cooks at home and it did give me some sort of influence. Second, I spend a lot of money on food & drinks and I want to try to save some of that fast food money on "real" food. Remember, good food is important!

When can you cook for me?

Honestly, I want to cook for all of you but my kitchen has its limitations and same with my house. But I promise, I will cook for you guys one day!

Can I get the recipe from you?

Even though I bought the recipes, I would be more than happy to share it with you because I want you to eat healthy too!

How do you have time for all of this?

Everyone has 24 hours.


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