Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 5!!!!

Today is Andrew's birthday so I didn't get a chance to cook something really exciting like yesterday but I cooked something that was really nice and simple. And I like simple =)

Today I made baked and dress zucchini.
First of all, I noticed that chinese supermarkets have really, really big zucchinis. I wanted smaller ones but thats all I could find.

I cleaned them first of course, then did the baking.(seasoned it with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and olive oil)

The baking process actually took a long while before I got them to be really soft and tender. I guess it was because they were big in size.

After when they came out, I seasoned it with a bit more salt, pepper, red wine, chopped parsley, mint leaves and added a splash of extra virgin olive oil. The result, was a very nice delicate simple dish. Although the red wine wasn't my favourite, since I don't really like wine to begin with, it created a sense of luxury to something so simple.

Anyways tomorrow is my ball practice, I need to think about what to cook again and maybe nothing big for tomorrow. We will see.

Here are some eye candies. Enjoy! =)


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