Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 36 - 3rd party

What now Daniel Oliver? Are you going to open up a bakery or a restaurant?
Honestly, I don't know. I don't have the money for any of them so the answer for now is a no.

Today, I had my 3rd dinner party and I made some easy dishes. It was simple and filling. I had to feed 4 guys and they were hungry! Everything went pretty well and I was glad that they enjoyed my food! They finished everything except for the cheesecake because it was so big.

I will post again tomorrow, its getting late and I am so tired.

Here are some pictures.

I made something new that night and I wanted to explain how it went down. 
It was "Grilled peach salad with Parma Ham and a creamy dressing. 
It's almost like the other grilled peach salad that I made but better! 

Toss your halved peaches in a bowl with chopped rosemary, olive oil and a little salt and pepper. 
You grill you halved peaches. ( don't burn them) 
pour vinegar into a bowl
add three times as much extra virgin olive oil
add yogurt
a pinch of salt and pepper 
then wisk.
 Drape the parma ham on the plates 
top it off with peaches and the tarragon leaves and arugula 

Then serve =) 
The taste was way better than the other grilled peach salad I made. It was very soft, the ham wasn't salty and the salad was a little bitter but it was bearable.  

Something new!


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