Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 40 - daniel oliver vs the world


I am so glad I picked up this new hobby of mine. A lot of people still ask why I cook or have I ever cooked before. I haven't really cooked a lot before but the interest was there. (A little at least) Again, I cook because I want to eat healthy, save money and hopefully cook for my family one day too. =)

Will this become my new profession? Haha, I don't think so but I am just living the moment and taking it as it. Whatever comes, comes. Its snowing really hard today, so all you drivers out there. Drive safe! And commuters, dress warm please. =)

Here is some of my support but if I were to show pictures of all of them, it would take forever. Haters are always welcome, in fact I love them too. It just makes me want to do even better!

Hello hello!
So after a long day of work, I rushed home and ate a bit then I headed out to the gym. Yes, the gym. I worked out with a friend and I think I like it. The rush I get in my arms and legs, its so satisfying. I will see how it goes, maybe I will get into. But after the gym, I was so hungry. I had to make myself a prime rib toasted with butter sandwich and a fresh strawberry salad with speck and halloumi!

I tell you it is so great to be able to cook for yourself when you are in need of a good meal at night. No more late night instant noodles or fast food places. I guess this skill is coming in handy. =)

win =)


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