Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 46 - Limbo


Great song eh? If only wishes came true by wishing upon airplanes Haha. The world would be a mess.

Today I met with the owner of Cynthia's Chinese Restaurant. We were chatting and having a general conversation but something he said made me feel real great. I asked him "Hey chinese new years is coming up, you're going to be really busy right?" He replied "No, my clients don't celebrate chinese new year. But its okay, we just have to wait till its our next peek."

After I heard that, I felt very inspired and motivated because I've been to that peek before and now I feel that I'm only half way there. But I am on my way, I just need to finish my cook book and make sure I practice healthy eating. =)

On another note, I went to kitchen stuff plus today to buy some materials for my class. When I got there, I had to go to the washroom Haha but afterward the fun began. This girl was helping me find some items that I needed and she asked me what school I go to. I told her and she replied "cool, cook something for me!" I told her that I am never going to see her again LOL.

Anyways, today I am baking the rest of my left over meringue and so far it doesn't look that great because the egg whites seem dead. I'll try it anyways.

Update you guys in a bit. =)


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